Art de Ville
(Faubourg Québec)

LCOATION: 334-364 St-Hubert Street | 316-375 Berri Street, Montréal
YEAR: 2001
CLIENT: Le Versant Inc. | Le Groupe Alfid
AREA: 4,925 m2 | 53,000 ft2

Art de Ville is a residential development located in the vast contemporary residential project known as Faubourg Québec, south of the former Dalhousie station at the northeast extremity of Old Montréal. The development includes 24 condominium town houses divided into three rows of eight houses: the first one leads onto St-Hubert Street, the second onto Dalhousie Square and a third is positioned between the first two, parallel to St-Hubert Street. The project forms an oblique line that contributes to revitalizing and defining Dalhousie Square.

Each house offers a generous living area extended over three floors including a mezzanine. Each unit has a basement and a terrace in the rear at the ground floor level. The terraces conceal the entrance to the garage.

The project forms an interconnected architectural ensemble through its diverse shapes and materials. The exterior cladding consisting of stone, brick and wood, the detailing, the shapes and sizes of the façades, along with the presence of exterior spaces all give a unique and distinct atmosphere to this residential project.

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