Le Crystal

Winner of the 2008 Armatura Award from the Institut d’acier d’armature du Québec (IAAQ) in the residential category

LOCATION: 1305 René-Lévesque Boulevard W., Montréal
YEAR: 2008
CLIENT: Le Crystal de la Montagne S.E.N.C.
AREA: 24,620 m2 | 265,000 ft2

Le Crystal de la Montagne is a one-of-a-kind complex in the heart of downtown Montréal, integrating both a hotel and prestigious apartments, all in the same building. One challenging aspect of this project was to blend contemporary residential designs in a vastly commercial area. The shape of the building, punctuated by terraces and balconies, its prominent turret and its crown are a tribute to traditional bourgeois architecture.
The 26-storey building boasts 131 premium hotel suites on the first eleven floors and 57 luxury condominiums on subsequent floors. The hotel and condos share a floor at the building’s mid-section with an indoor pool, a spa, a fitness centre and an outdoor terrace with a whirlpool.
Both residents and guests have access to the hotel’s services, including a fine dining restaurant with a mezzanine and outdoor terraces, a conference centre of 745 m2 (8,000 ft2), and 135 underground parking spaces.

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