E-Commerce Place

Certified LEED® Canada Gold for existing buildings

LOCATION: 1350-1360 René-Lévesque Blvd W., Montréal
YEAR: 2003 – 2005
CLIENT: E-Commerce Place – Limited Partnership

– BUILDING I (1350) –
AREA: 49,200 m2 | 530,000 ft2

– BUILDING II (1360) –
AREA: 39,950 m2 | 430,000 ft2

E-Commerce Place is a complex of two office buildings linked by a central atrium. The original plan was to build six buildings around the atrium. Only the first two buildings and part of the atrium were built.

Building I (1350) is 25 floors high and cylindrical in shape. Building II (1360) has 17 floors and is linked to the historic Guaranteed Pure Milk building on Lucien-L’Allier Street, where the administrative offices of the E-Commerce Place are located.

The central atrium houses a public food court, whose interior design pays homage to Guaranteed Pure Milk, an important Montréal institution from the turn of the century.

The use of granite in the floors and walls gives prestige to the main lobbies and provides contrast to the light and transparency of the reception hall’s structural glazing. The complex has five levels of underground parking with a capacity of approximately 500 vehicles.

Both buildings have raised floors with low velocity ventilation, indirect lighting fixtures and abundant floor to ceiling windows with energy-efficient glazing. While these design strategies were cutting edge back in the day, they are now prevalent in most sustainable development projects. Each floor has two prefabricated mechanical rooms—another innovative strategy used for the first time in Montréal for this project.

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